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Bencke Family Tree

This family tree was originally created by Berty Edwino Bencke and Pastor Lair Hessel.

In the genealogy database, it is identified by the designation “Bencke Tree“. To distinguish it from the other trees, its pages appear in shades of brown, as seen in the image.

This tree was compiled by its authors for the organization of meetings of the Bencke Family that took place around the year 2000.

It contains 2,490 descendants of Christian Heinrich Behncke. Christian Heinrich was a legionary of the Imperial Brazilian Army, having arrived in Brazil in 1851. In Brazil, the surname was simplified for Bencke. For more information on Christian Heinrich, see the page containing his history.

In 2006, Berty Bencke generously released the tree for publication at this web site. The tree was in the form of a MS-Word file, codified in a notation used in Genealogy for descendant trees. As this is a formal notation, I was able to write a program to translate the MS-Word file provided by the authors to a file in the GEDCOM format, the Genealogy data exchange format. Having the data in GEDCOM allowed me to import the tree into the database.

However, the tree imported in this way may contain some omissions and inconsistencies, as the translation process is not perfect. Even so, I considered it relevant to publish the data, as it can be of help for other researchers.

This tree is no longer being updated. To allow data to be updated, I posted part of the tree on the website. There the data is being corrected, expanded and linked to other families by other researchers.

Notice that several people who appear in this tree also appear in the Main Tree, which documents my research.