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Diefenthaeler Tree

Author of the Diefenthaeler family tree

This family tree is the result of the research of Roberto Dillenburg Heberle, who wrote a book about this family. Roberto provided a copy of his book for publication on this site. The tree on the site was generated automatically from an MS-Word file provided by Roberto. As the process of translating the MS-Word file into the tree format is imperfect, the tree on the website may contain conversion errors.

Correction suggestions

Suggestions for addition and correction are welcome, but should be sent directly to Roberto Heberle, responsible for this research, through his e-mail.

To build the tree, Roberto took care to research original sources. Therefore, when suggesting a correction, please inform the source (civil, religious, oral information, …), on which you are based to make your correction suggestion.

Color scheme of this tree

As can be seen in the image above, the pages of this tree are displayed in shades of light blue, to distinguish them from the pages of other trees on the site.